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Vignt-Sept ❤ my camera is on burst and still cannot capture gazelle like movements 😍 #GoDMOSK #dmosk27 #Capitales #Quebec 💙💛💙💛 #gameday

A trusted source told me that the #Capitales game today I gonna be intense , since there were rumours of the team breaking each others bats. To prepare.. I Zen out by making my salad meal preps for the week :) #GOCAPS starting off right. Caps 1-0 💙💛💙💛

Well this is awkward. @jasmineeeetea @hellocrys #fetish and #jesuschrist

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😍 miss my 👶 #binky my capitale 💙💛💙💛

Lol #longhaireddachshund

Last night’s music giver :) @francescalombardo @davi #DAVI man! You make me move!! Fancy hollering at you when u passed by me. Groovy music man! I always enjoy your sets! #FrancescaLombardo espially deep last night and experimental. Sent shivers down my spine. #roommatebonding @jasmineeeetea

little Tofu :) #puppylove 3lbs


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you dont have to be so cruel to yourself nicole. the higher you put em up there the lower the chance of their toes touching the earth in your perspective. you know of its deepest intention. you have to start getting comfortable with all of this. i know its new but you need patience. 

if i were in the same situation i wouldnt have forgiven you as well. you went fuking ballistic coz of some honest mistake. you let that itty bitty tiny thing ruin your communication and trust and all in between. you semi burned your bridge and now youre trying to cross it but the fire is engulfing it even more.

you just need to accept the consequences. you know how much the bond is between. 

accep the silence. embrace it and learn from it. 

shut the fuck up next time something so stupid happens.