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OMG yeeeee


Someone get me this for Christmas!!!!

Oh my. If someone were to get these for me I’d most definitely extend an invitation for a kick ass sleepover complete with lots of fresh baked goods. ;)

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she woke up like dis, ***flawless

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Happily | Pasadena, CA | September 12, 2014


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Cousin’s in town so we out to play!! #WeHo $10 Pitchers #TheBayou Drinking games are so much fun when youre doing it based on your bartender’s cheese!! #welldone (at The Bayou - WeHo)

9/11 Never Forget the lives of the ones we lost and the ones who saved. thank you for the bravery.

#wcw love my babies :)

Got to see the super moon before I left for work :) #Luna #moon #supermoon #newps #nikkinewps

Snuggle-Kiss-Montage #tisa #Keiko

The Newport #Tisa #Newps #Newport

Yesterday I was in my happy place. Everything was on point and I spent it with the one that keeps my heart beating :) #Dmosk #Newportbeach #newps #quietbeach

"There are people who loves you because they want to not because they need to, I am not your family but I love you like one" That quote whether its verbatim or not Is as close to the quote that Chelsey always advised me each time im on a low. We have reached a different kind of friendship in the last year that we worked together and I am so thankful to have you around. First off keeping our sanities at work was a bit gruesome and so we came up with Kevin hart quotes (bless your heart Kevin hart "alright!!alright!!alright!!..Yougonnalearntoday") and also with Viet nail manucurist (hey hon-ey! You lyk daLong Nai or Dashor nai?) oh and our recent bobs burgers Tina (groaaaaaaaaan)… My chels!! Its been a crazy crazy ride full of dog hair and pizza! I will definitely miss ordering Cicero w you on payday Wednesdays..and I will definitely miss the fueled attitude you have on our busiest days. I hope you had a wonderful adventure in Cali and ill see you in Iowa soon! This ain’t the end white gurl… We keep that shiz going. You know I love you xoxo (❤ tisa and Nicole) Thank you for your Love and Support @chelseyteresa20 #supahstrength #mommachels #littleone

Fun day at the beach with the bromance :) gloomy, warm water and high waves!